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Product photography service based in Moray, Scotland

Product Photography - Professional Product photography service for product marketing.

This cost effective commercial product photography service is based in Speyside, Moray, Scotland. This photography service provides product photos for marketing your product in brochures, catalogues, website or e-commerce site.

Service is suitable for any business large or small, shop, store or indeed other any business that sells any kind of product.

Product photography service site visits are available locally in Moray, Aberdeenshire, Banffshire. If your business is located further afield we can work with you throughout Scotland and the UK providing you are prepared to send the product to us and cover the cost of delivery and return of products to be photographed.

If you are sending a product to me for photographing the product photography service can cover the whole of Scotland and the UK.

In context product photography can also be performed subject to your product photography brief.


For larger items like motor vehicles, or other items that are used outdoors in context product photography may be conducted on site in a special location of your choice or at a location chosen by the photographer but agreed by the customer and of course the land owner.

Q. Why do you need professionally taken product photos?

A. There are a number of reasons especially if you are selling products on the web or via e-commerce site. One of the main reasons is that consumers who are thinking about buying something want to see the product clearly before they buy it, they want to focus entirely on the product and do not normally wish to be distracted by artefacts in the picture that are not related to what they intend to buy.

Typically potential customers are looking for the quickest way to gather information about a product. On the Internet, in brochures and catalogues clear clean images provide the best way to communicate this to the customer.


Professionally taken product images help to showcase the quality of your product, these images help your website to become the "shop window" in your ecommerce store.

When a customer looks into your website or ecommerce "shop window" they are looking for proof of quality and the value of your product.

Customers want to see what they are planning to buy clearly. Professional product photos help to communicate an image of the product that can create the tipping point that leads to a purchase.


The best product images help you to engage with the potential customer, convert them into a buyer and can also help with customer retention, possibly leading to repeat purchases or perhaps the additional purchase of other products.


Professionally captured product photos give your customer a clear uncluttered view of your product that helps them decide if they want to buy your product/s.

Clean crisp product photos can help to persuade the potential customer to become a customer.


The professional photographer will cover all the angels, explore interesting product views and deliver a better choice of photos to the business or individual selling the product.


Your one-off payment for professional product photography is an investment that can reap great rewards over time, helping you by generating many product sales.

Ok you're ready to book but what do you get?
It depends on what you ask for in your brief. Typically most customers will receive between 2-4 professionally taken hi-resolution photographs of each product. The photos are ready to print or to resize and upload to a website.

What does it cost?
We aim to please and to provide value to the business owner. To help you get started with our product photography service we charge our clients a minimum of 20. You can use this minimum charge option to test the quality of of our imagery. Send us one or two products and we will show you what we can do for you.

Our competitive pricing means that larger shoots with many products the cost per photo can work out much cheaper than charges made by other photographers who photograph products and offer similar services.

How long does it take?
Fast turnaround, it does not take long at all. Of course It depends how busy we are, so it is advisable to plan ahead with a lead time of at least one week, and longer if possible. When we are ready to photograph your product it takes no time at all. For a single product we can get things set up and the photos taken and processed within 1 hour. The photos are then quality checked and sent to you within 48hrs and we often manage to do this within 24 hrs.

Get in touch today and give your business a better chance to make more product sales.

Other services available include Architectural Photography, Exterior Photography, Interior Photography, Property Photography for Estate Agents, Solicitors, Architects, Interior designers, Property developers and private individual homeowners and Accommodation photography for hospitality business owners who operate in the travel and tourism business. High view exterior photography using pole, Garden photography. Commercial projects and Private commissions.


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