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Property photography service based in Moray, Scotland but serves other areas including Aberdeenshire, Banffshire and Highland (see bottom of page).

This interior and exterior, residential and commercial property photography service is ideal for estate agents, solicitors, architects, interior designers, property developers and private individual homeowners who wish to market their property using high quality photographic imagery.

Many property marketers and estate agents still believe that taking their own property marketing photos saves them money. Why not? Literlally anyone can buy a camera, point it at a house or a room and take a photograph can't they?

While some people would look at the pictures and say they were fine, most modern estate agents and property developers realize this is false economy. They know what the benefits of hiring a professional photographer are. They need to project a high quality image for a property and they know the professional property photographer will produce better images than anyone with a point and shoot camera.


The savvey commercial and residential property marketer knows that professional photos will showcase a property better in property schedule brochures and Internet property listings, they know these high quality images can generate more interest bringing the potential of better offers and better sales.

Why is this the case?
Well it's really all about lighting and attention to detail.

The professional property photographer will make sure there are minimal distractions in the photos.

They will fill the room with appropriate light that shows off the true potential of a room. Good lighting enhances the visual appearance of the living space making it more appealing to potential buyers.


They will cover all the angels, explore interesting views and deliver a better choice of photos to the property listing editor.

Elevated viewpoint photographs of the exterior of a house can often improve how it looks and can help to enhance the space available in gardens patios and driveways.

What is the difference at the end of the day?
The simple truth is that property marketing photos created by a professional will generate more interest and engagement.

Better engagement brings real benefits to an estate agents business that can convert into to a sale.


High quality photos can also help to drive the potential buyers offer upwards helping a property to achieve an above market value sale price. If the potential buyers really like a property after they have viewed it they will return home to discuss it and the will most likely look at the property schedule again and again before they make the final decision to submit an offer to buy the property. When you consider this point alone it becomes obvious that you need to have the best possible photographs in the schedule to present the property at the highest possible standard.


If you are thinking about hiring someone to take photos of your residential or commercial property take a moment to click on and look at property photographs on this page, they give you an idea of what's possible and may just sway you to hire me to help with your property sales project.

What do you get?
Our customers receive a minimum of 20 professionally taken photographs of each house / property, the photos are ready to print or upload to a website.

What does it cost?
We charge our clients a minimum of 80 for a 2 bedroom house with kitchen, bathroom, office, hallway etc. The cost includes image processing and image delivery to you all of which takes time. If a property has more rooms it takes more time to photograph so the price increases at our standard hourly rate. Upmarket high end properties are generally much larger and consequently incur higher fees. Please feel free to contact me for a quote.

How long does it take?
Fast turnaround, it does not take long at all. I aim to complete and deliver the photographic files to you within 48 hours of the photography taking place. I often manage to exceed customers expectations by delivering the images within 24 hours.

Can you make floorplan?
Yes, it's fairly easy and cheap to add an illustrative floorplan. We can create it from a sketch you provide or we can take notes as we photograph the property and create a floorplan when we get back to the office. Floorplan service incurs an small additional fee related to the amount of time involved. See a sample here: Property Photography Floorplan Example
Please feel free to contact me for a quote.

Areas Served - Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, Moray, Speyside, Aviemore, Grantown, Inverness, Highlands, Scotland.

Get in touch today and give your property listing a better chance to convert to a sale.

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